Conflict and Natural Disasters
IKEA offers UN flatpack shelters for refugees 0
Cyclone proof settlement 3
earthquake resistant structure 1
911 1
1999 war memorial, kargil,ladakh J 1
Bam reconstruction 0
design for disaster :thesis 2
Stand Up Take Action 2010.We need you… 0
State Oil Ministry Organization Building in Baghdad 0
emergency shelters 0
emergency shelters 20
Name this minaret. 2
Rehabilatation 0
should buildings be "terror-proof"? 1
Post Kashmir Earthquake 0
Dubai World Islands EIA 2
Military Architecture 0
Terrorism and The Built Environment 1
disaster resistant architecture 1
Architectural responses to seismic Resistant building design 5
Post-Disaster Design 6
building counstruction materials used in seismic zones 3
constructional matereial for earthquake proof building 2
Disaster management institute design competition 2
Searching for a photograph of "Baqqara" village 2
Architect's role in earthquake safety 6
Earthquake myths 2
Terrorist vs. Architect 9
War & Architecture 57
Mitrovica Roma Mahalla 5
Saddam Hussein Gymnasium in Baghdad 2
Earthquake-resistant architecture 34
Prefabricated housing 11
Thesis: Rehabilitation of earthquake victims 18
Thesis: Traditional construction in earthquake areas 2
Hurricane-proof storefront facility in Florida 4
Thesis: Safeguarding heritage post-disaster 2
Role of an architect in earthquake disasters 29
Building strength in earthquakes 3
Shelter domes for disaster areas 9
Hexagon plan buildings for earthquake safety? 5
Fission, Fusion & Architecture 9
Bidonvilles and riots in Paris 5
Kashmir earthquake shelter crisis 92
Earthquake proof or earthquake resistant structures 1
Kandang Aceh after the tsunami 2
Importance of seismic design in Southeast Asia 6
Survey on designing for disasters 10
Tsunami relief housing 5
Effects of earthquake resistance techniques on the overall design 0
Sydney exhibition: refugee issues and humanitarian responses 0
Afghan dome + earthquake 14
Architecture and the LoC 6
Disaster relief: Housing 16
Banda Aceh, what remains? 1
Architecture of peace 2
Architecture against terrorism 22
Building a school in tsunami-stricken Sri Lanka 3
Disaster management 3
Thesis: Architecture and terrorism 6
Memorial design - the concept of commemoration 12
Tsunami disaster: Rebuilding Efforts 4
Tsunami disaster: Design ideas for rebuilding 22
Tsunami disaster: Monuments in Banda Aceh 15
Earthquake resistant structures 2
NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999 3
Architectural identity and politics 3
Buildings destroyed 1
Natural disasters 3
World Architecture for Equal Dignity Project at 2
Polysterene housing in Afghanistan 2
Design thesis: SOS Children's Village 1
Master's in India, seismic design 2
Destruction of cultural heritage in conflict regions 4
Tolerance for disappearing of world cultural heritage 25
Architecture between spaces of conflict 10
Homeless people in urban parks 4
Relocating the victims of earthquake 3
Thesis: War Museum 5
Earhquake resistant rural and urban architecture 2
Foundation for 4-story structure, earthquake zone 1
Subtropolis or Geotecture? 0
Architecture as a new means of democratic dialogue 5
Seeking help on design thesis on "SOS-Children's Village" 9
Thesis: Hebron Memorial Park, Palestine 4
Seismic restoration of minarets 2
The history of the destruction of architecture 25
Iraq antiquities 2
Iraq: The Cradle of Civilisation 5
A message for Iraqi colleagues 15
Afghanistan reconstruction initiative 2
Homelessness, a tale of two cities 2
Renewal of devastated cities 2
Design for the homeless 10
Housing for refugees in Sierra Leone 11
Plan types of SOS villages 1


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