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Design -- General
The Pompidou Centre - Flexible Spaces 6
mind relive through architectural experience 0
case studies.... 0
Traditional Indian Ghats 3
Norman foster 1
What is a Habitat Centre ? 4
Modern Balinese house 2
oblique architecture 6
Modern Architecture in Paris 5 2
site required 0
Film and T.V. institute 3
Architectural Spaces 2
architectural research on northern India 2
Hypnotic Buildings / Designs that Hypnotize ? 5
resort design 1
Panel systems 4
Design Culture 4
Rebuilding Iraq 1
Shopping malls 9
Design for a place of worship 10
Thesis ganga river front design 1
Herodian floor mosaic 1
Architecture's soul 5
What do you think about design? 3
Gregorian architecture 3
Railway station 2
Technology and architecture 3
Water Terminal - thesis help 3
Housing and the soul 2
Notre Dame du haut 6
Poetry and design 2
Bazaars in Contemporary India 4
Mombasa buildings 0
Grading concerns 0
Covered courtyard for house in Bangalore (India) 7
Best country or city in architecture 11
Designed flexibility in housing 2
Creativity in architectural design 12
City Municipal Office, Surat (India) 1
Thesis: Vidhan Sabha, Jharkhand 2
Thesis: Kinesthetics in architecture 6
Thesis: Chattarpur Redevelopment or IT Park 3
Maps of the Mumbai waterfront 0
Thesis: "Infotainment" Park 2
Shopping in streets vs. in malls 6
Golf resorts in South India 1
Thesis: Socio-cultural meanings of architectural components 0
Architectural codes, U.S.A. 5
Embassy architecture 8
Ice Hotel 3
Path to inspiration 39
Modernism in Iraq 2
First vault and dome in history 3
Latin American architecture 2
Cedric Price at Sheffield 0
Architect's role in new development of a city 6
Design of retail markets 3
Thesis: Marine transhipment terminals 0
Indian architects working with semi-open spaces 0
Cultural and religious issues in healthcare design 2
Simplicity in design 4
Cost to build a hotel in India? 6
Need for an architectural museum 1
Thesis: Bus terminal, Lahore (Pakistan) 7
A church in France is almost a triumph for Le Corbusier 0
Eco-village in Khirthar National Park 0
Architectural forms 0
Biotech parks in India 0
Virtual architecture beyond design development 0
Architecture of Libya: Tripoli 2
Traditional Sri Lankan houses 24
Definition: explodometric 3
Human architecture 4
Hospital building design 1
The "Whites" 5
Conference room design 1
Difference between theme & concept 8
Progress in architecture 1
Journals of architecture and interior design in the Middle East 28
Thesis: State assembly for Jharkand 9
Consequences of modernism in architecture 2
Architecture is context 5
Stadium design 1
Recipe for a "good" design philosophy? 3
Creativity and architecture 9
Architecture, graphics and branding 4
Thesis: Interactive architecture 1
How do you design? 8
Recent work in shape grammars 3
Single-family house: critiques? 6
Contextual architectural expression 2
Thesis: Formal and informal spaces 4
Fibonacci Series and the Golden Section 4
Meditation resorts 2
Interior architecture to architecture 4
Dutch embassy, Berlin 10
IIT Campus Center, Chicago 8
Casa da Musica, Porto, OMA 13
Expressive buildings 2


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