Educational Design
Thesis topic - arts and craft marketplace 2
Bachelor of Architecture in Lahore 0
Scale And Proportion on Curios mood in Space design 1
final year project 1
Aga Khan Academy 2
Thesis: heritage settlements 0
B.Arch Thesis-IIT Rajasthan 4
water museum 4
thesis topic-archideum(architecture & desigining institute) 21
Thesis: School For Gifted and Talented 0
Children's Library and Museum 3
school of planning and architecture 12
Portfolio for admission into B Arch course 2
New Campuses in the Islamic World 0
thesis topic aquamarine park 6
health care center entrance lobby 2
Child care center 0
group housing 1
how to Design University / Campus 2
art and architecture community 4
Thesis as a solution for some social problem 18
Thesis topic: Design of a Cruise Terminal 2
Low cost school design in Ethiopia 11
learning enviroment 1
residential school 0
Learning Environment 1
school for disabled children 2
designing technology park 0
school of drama 0
design for cinema 0
Thesis On Resource and Student Centre 1
Activity Centre for the Children 0
study architecture in italy 2
Online education? 2
English Language Teaching (ELT) 0
islamic and vedic research institute 3
mixed-use arts centre 2
islamic school design 1
rehab 3
presentation 0
PhD in Architecture 0
need help for thesis!! 8
thesis on light architecture 2
public spaces in university architecture 1
Choosing a Topic and a Sub-Topic 2
Children's art & talent centre 6
Thesis: Transplant Center 0
City Centre at Rajesthan 0
Centre for Learning 1
Primary school design 4
Thesis: Institutes of art and architecture 3
Visual Arts Department, Karachi (India) 0
Thesis: Art centre for children 16
Designing an orphanage in Haiti 1
IIM Indore 2
Colour selection for primary schools 1
Jamia Millia Islamia in New Delhi 1
Jagonari Women's Education Center 1
Thesis: Informal spaces in architecture schools 9
Library design 2
Elementary school design 2
Good campus design? 3
Thesis: School of Planning and Architecture 6
Need photographs of IIM Ahmadabad 2
Seattle Central Library, Seattle 16
Thesis: International school campus design 8
Room sizes for primary school 1
Thesis: Patterns of movement in campus design 3
Learning spaces 2
Thesis: International schools 2
School in the Middle of Nowhere 5
Thesis: Juvenile correction centre 3
Thesis: Campus planning 2
Child psychology, modes of learning/teaching, changes in theories over time 4
Bandung Institute of Technology: Central Library 1
Interactive spaces in educational campuses 10
Child friendly spaces in Kashmir 2
Thesis: The ideal school 8
Research library 1
Architecture for children 20
Thesis: Academic library 1
Plans of Ottoman madrasas and American universities 3
Space that engages with education 1
Center for Environmental Education 4
Thesis: Childrens' Talent Resource Centre 10
Design thesis: architecture college 20
School of Architecture GOA 2
Centre of Environmental Planning and Technology 5
Thesis: Boarding schools 3
Child architecture 7
Primary school design for rural Pakistan 14
Bibliotheca Alexandrina 13
Islamic school for girls 1
Primary School Building Design, Pakistan 5


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