Historic Preservation
enrgy significance in architecture 1
Historic district's comprehensive planning 1
Thesis: Architectural Conservation 16
Thesis on historic preservation in Pakistan 2
interactive museum 0
case study-interpratation centre 8
impact of conservation on architecture 1
documentation 6
Ashtur tombs-Bidar under threat. 2
Heritage related thesis topic 8
Hammam Sukkariyya Cairo 0
biodeterioration of archaeological monuments 2
thesis in UAE 1
Hassan Fathy 4
sarai in mughal period 3
NREGA: hope for historic monuments in rural India 6
thesis on adaptive reuse of capitol cinema, mumbai 3
Dig houses in Egypt 0
Adaptive reuse and the associated planning regulations 5
thesis on abandoned village, UAE 1
Mogao Caves, Dun Huang 0
Hagia Sophia Restoration 0
Save and develope the Tomb of Tal Firoz Khan, Agra, India 1
religious arch 0
The legacy of Hassan Fathy 1
Zeinab Khatoun house 1
Conservation of Historic Buildings - Lamu, Kenya 0
adaptive reuse as a method of communicating the evolution and the story behind a building 0
Ambrogio Frangiolli 0
Tender documents 0
Lucknow monuments 2
Colonial architecture in Algeria 1
Architectural papier mache 1
islamic globe . 0
Documentary on Heritage Forts of Pothohar Region 2
Conservation for Conservation's Sake. 3
dissertation topic 3
Architecture and heritage 13
Designing Heritage Sites & Historic Environments 0
safder jung tomb 0
Advice on post-war reconstruction case studies in the Balkans region 1
study in the USA or the UK 9
urban regeneration 3
conservationplan for historical buildings 2
Syrian Architecture 1
neglected monuments 3
Oran 1
Preservation of islamic & historical heritage in SaudiArabia 0
recording heritage structures scattered over 25SqKms 2
History 0
Historic building: demolition vs protection 15
Historic Architecture Terms 3
Heritage Park 8
history of western architecture 1
Indigenous knowledge and conservation of swahili towns 4
Architectural heritage 1
Invitation to Participate in an Academic Survey 0
a visual is made for a monument about its life 0
Architectural influences - 18th century 0
Information about chittaurgarh fort complex.. 2
Adobe Architecture 1
Algerian rural developpement 18
Vernacular Berber architecture 25
Rani Sipri at risk 2
The Cologne Cathedral 2
Vrindavan: Scope of Intervention 4
Travelling to Syria, Lebanon, Jordan... 4
Conservation of historic sites 1
Interpretation centre in India 5
Elevated road in the walled city of Amritsar 1
The future of hawsh, courtyard buildings in Beirut 6
New UNESCO World Heritage Site: Champaner 1
Le Corbusier's Ternisien house 2
Sustainable Development Resources 1
Post-war reconstruction (WWII) 1
Thesis: Heritage Precinct, Modhera, Gujarat 5
Historic preservation graduate programs 4
Historic quarters management 1
Historic restoration in the Middle East 0
New heritage conservation organisations 4
Restoration in Rajasthan, India 7
Problems of conservation in developing countries 6
Thesis: Conservation of Indo-Islamic architecture 30
Architecture, preservation and planning in Ghana 3
Cultural complex and restoration project 6
Restoration 0
Conservation of architectural heritage in Palestine 9
Department of Conservation & Restoration Studies in Italy or Turkey 3
Reconstruction Bam, Iran 5
Preservation of historical sites in Pakistan 7
Historic preservation 1
Urban Renewal/ Historic Preservation and Sustainable Development 2
Revitalization of Historic Urban Environments 1
Historical architecture 1


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