Information Technology
What would happen if Kinetic Architecture fused with sustainability? 5
Information Communication Telecommunication Centre 1
career guidance 0
liquid urban spaces 1
Thesis: Energy Efficient Technological Hub 5
Workforce Housing 0
Adding ArchNet to Google Earth 3
data centers building code 2
Keitai City 1
more than reallity: the cyber world , a real city 3
it buildings 0
architectural data base 1
Finding an Interior Designer's Computer? 1
Architecture/Urban Planning and IT systems 0
Space and IT 4
An Open Source Movement in Architecture 5
Archaeological website development 2
Digital architecture 6
Computers in architectural design 1
Paperless practice 1
Thesis: IT & the built environment 0
Impact of IT to architectural space 2
Best place to learn 3dsMax in Karachi 1
Architectural CAD standards 1
Emergence and design 3
Facility management 1
The humanity, the slavery 1
Computational design 1
Architecture websites 5
Tips & Tricks for Autodesk AutoCAD 2000-2004 8
Architectural rendering software 18
Virtual architecture 4
Multiplicity as an expression in architecture 1
IT and architectural information 20
Professional practice inhibitions 0
Virtual architecture 6
What can be the architects role in advising designers of 'virtual' public spaces? 2
Architectural Window opening 1
A history of urban planning in the U.S.A. 5
IT for global social justice in the developing nations 5
How do we respond to obselete building (in terms of functions and the building itself) when IT takes over building functions ? 1
Use of Internet by architects 1
Will information technology alter our definition of space? 6
In future will information technology replace architecture as it was done by industrial revolution? 8
Architectural Design process 1
360-degree web photos: How useful? 8
Design experience 2
Digital City 13
Informational Needs 4
Networked Economy 4


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