Topic for Debate
Thesis Research and Design 3
Al-Azhar Park 1
Exploring Curiosity in architecture 5
scultural architectrue design symbolicaaly 0
the Bazaar vs.the Mall 3
Water sector reforms in Botswana 3
can human brain combine ? 1
relationship between human and built environment 2
Architecture is not Hollywood and Architects are not Hollywood stars 26
Model-Making as Value-Added Design 16
measure of greatness 8
Is the role of an architect diminishing? 3
architecture and communication 0
childern 0
Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi - replicating 'Bilbao effect' or something else? 1
Similarities between Parliament library India & Ismaili Center Lisbon 1
basement 0
Is the role played by Ar. Hafeez Contractor in contemporary Indian architecture similar to the role Kerry Packer played in revolutionizing cricket in Australia in 1970s AND 80s ? 1
Can you afford the "Affordable Housing"? 14
Sustainable Arabian Cities 4
coranic light concep-quantum physics light concept 0
visual pollusion in architecture 5
Media and Architecture 1
What's wrong with Architecture today??.. 22
Intangible heritage 0
What are the characteristic features of Islamic architecture? 0
BLIND RAT RACE - carbon credits vs TRADitional wisdom of sustainability 1
Evolution of Architectural workspace 3
Does Faith Guide the Architecture 2
thesis:potential of bridges as extension to recreational activities 2
Perception on recreational forest 0
Appropriation of the central space in islamic houses. 1
Islamic approach to design 28
thesis energy efficient institute 0
thesis energy efficient institute 8
form follows time 0
Question for my thesis class discussion 1
Green Lies....Damned Lies... 13
Theatre in the Arab world 2
Islamic Architecture 2
choosing a lesser evil - bad craftsmenship / mundane architecture 3
LEED rating versus vernacular architecture 1
Division and union 1
Utopia-an perfect/ideal city 2
Prefabricated low income housing strategy 17
Need of Open Spaces/Parks in the fast growing Urban Areas 4
memorial 1
design jobs for graduates 0
Architects should think? 17
religious worshipping spaces 0
Identity in Sudanese Architecture 0
What is Gurgaon's architectural calling? 1
really important public toilet? 1
Light and peace 1
What Is To Be Done?
The Crutch of Human Resources 0
Why Dubai restless? 20
Asian Wedding Centre UK 7
What good did Hassan Fahmy do for the community? 5
Architecture, an index of cultures! 2
The new paradigm? 5
Can an atrium make a building more energy efficient? 3
Laurie Baker-The father of low cost architecture of India 11
Movement patterns generated by open spaces in an educational building 1
Is orientation in housing dispensible? 4
Professionalisation of architectural journalism 0
What is the origin of "Architect"? 5
Identity 10
Centre Pompidou 2
Philosophy of Le Corbusier 20
Health in architecture 9
Flyovers vs. bridges 6
Site vs. location 4
Do away with zoos ? 4
What does "place" mean? 24
Effect of nanotechnology on architecture 2
Is "community architecture" a good idea? 1
Daniel Libeskind: genius or con man? 1
Rhetoric in architecture 11
Glass architecture in the Islamic world 3
Is architecture therapeutic? 2
Zaha Hadid: a Muslim architect? 2
Special economic zone (SEZ) development 1
The architect is dead: do you agree? 34
Architects and society 10
Which era of "ism" are we in now? 19
How does a skyscraper enhance a city? 70
Public space 1
Daylight in city interiors 1
Elevated architecture 2
Principles for architecture? 9
BioGeometry in architecture 1
100 years later, will you be proud of your design? 10
The Quality of Difference 4
Urban fabric in the hands of developers and builders 2
Humanizing the city: Rickshaws in Calcutta 22


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