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Urban Design
New towns in Iran 8
Master plans of Pakistani cities 15
Cities in competition 0
Channeling the Yamuna (Delhi) 3
New Urbanism 2
Plan of Casino Bid, Blackpool (U.K.) 1
Map of Bukhara 1
De-urbanisation 6
Mass communication for urban planning 2
Use of GIS for Urban Planning & Urban Design 2
Identity of the city; what's next? 4
Generic cities 2
Design of an imaginary city 25
Delhi Metro 1
Thesis: Productive urban spaces 1
Iranian architecture and urban design 1
Putrajaya, garden city 2
Traditional urban spaces 1
Anti-social design - Flyovers 1
Tradition and identity 2
Artificial space as a facilitator for deurbanization 13
Urban design vs. city planning 5
Digital signages 0
Village design - conservation vs. development 9
Suburbs and edge cities 4
Thesis: Slum rehabilitation 4
Subway design 3
Hilltown development 3
Town planning 3
An urban height law formula? 9
Minimal infrastructure sanitation 1
City documentation guidance 2
Rebuilding Beirut 13
Slums 12
Timeless spaces 6
Thesis: Talking streets, urban signage and facades 19
Women in Islamic urban design 4
Highways and land value 1
Transformation of Shahjahanabad, Delhi 1
Historic urban quarters in Europe 6
Urban morphology of Baghdad, Karachi, Abidjan, Nairobi, Bogota and Calcutta 4
Thesis: Redevelopment of eastern waterfront of Mumbai 4
Urban flyovers 1
Thesis: Developing cities 1
Conservation of traditional settlements in urban areas 4
Urban architecture in view of globalisation and modernism 2
Imageability of buildings 4
Rourkela, India 0
Sustainable urban focus in technology 1
Canary Wharf 1
Urban lighting 8
Thesis: Yamuna riverfront development, Delhi 4
Anti-social spaces in an urban context 12
Sir Patrick Geddes 3
Information on Alexandria 1
Thesis: Impact of flyovers on the urban landscape 17
Information on Ahmedabad 2
Sustainable architecture in urban area 9
Thesis: Temporary Urban Interventions 1
Thesis: Slum rehabilitation 10
Reinvention of Jew Town in Cochin, India 1
Thesis: Urban development in Cairo 2
Climatic town planning, Tunis 3
Morphology, project in Amman 1
Commonwealth Games in Delhi 1
Future of Developing Cities in South Asia 4
Usefulness of flyovers and underpasses in South Asian megacities 6
Karachi: Leftover spaces in cities 9
Relocation of Gaborone City 0
Urban Markets: Dilli Haat in Delhi 5
Shipyard transformation, Golden Horn, Istanbul 2
Transition in urban fabric - case study of landmarks 6
Urban Transformation in Istanbul in XIX Century 7
Creative clusters and cultural policy 3
Metro project in New Delhi 3
Suburbs of mega cities 1
CBD's and their relevance 2
The Future of Islamic Urbanization 1
Hospitals in cities 8
Dissertation: Westernisation of Iran 4
What do you call a center that combines several aspects? 5
Thesis: Trade fair complexes in India 1
Urban morphology 2
Typology and Urban Morphogenesis: a combinative theoretical premise for a graduate level thesis enquiry 15
Thesis: Civic center 2
Alexandria: The Eastern Harbor 3
Toronto Portlands 6
Developing Goals for Monitoring Communities 2
Need info on housing projects 2
Historical context of Dubai 1
Imperial Delhi 28
Could you plan for a city without knowing its future ? 1
Thesis: The principles of garden design 3
Thesis Topic: Cultural Imprints on Urban Landscapes, George Town, Chennai 3
What is the most important building in a city? 40
Walled City of Baku 2
Relation of courtyard house with street 3
Information about Sadr City in Baghdad 6
Islamabad- Urban Study and Review - Participation of International Community Needed 3
Intervention of an urban area 2


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