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Style in architecture
Is it nessacary to follow a style in architectural work for an architect?
Mustafizur Rahman
Style in architecture
Style if erupted as a by product of an innovative design is ideal. However in this competitive world, to create an Identity, to add glamour and to sell yourself, style is a much needed advertisement for achitects.
Vidhu Saxena
Style in architecture
Hi Mustafizur

I think its good to follow a particular style which you can take inspiration from or maybe develop a style of your own. It is evident in front of you that certain architecture pieces that are called Le Corbusier buildings or Raj Rewal style or Frank Lloyd Wright style... each one has a name attached to them. And also, during the Renaissance, we know for instance, that if you take any palazzo or palais, there were staircases designed by just one person and windows by another person because people prefered to use style of one (for example, think of Michelangelo doing the sculptures, or painting the ceiling or building a particular kind of window that was his style). I think style is related to individuality, and that it's a very broad term. It's just not related to a building elevation or plan but its also contextual, related to a lifestyle and to all the social and urban issues.
Payal Kapoor
Style in architecture
It's not that you have to create your style, someone is not pressuring you; the style comes from within. If you have like designing curvilinear spaces, you will design them, whether forced or unforced. That's your style.
Mayank Gupta
Style in architecture
Hi Mustafizur,

I think in countries like ours where you find different types of people, culture and architecture, you can't bound them with one style or expression.

After independence, the idea of "a unified nation" became a most important issue that manifested itself in many forms of artistic expression & even in the field of architecture, so there is a need to notify the practicing architect, who are moving away from the original architecture towards "amalgamation", which is creating havoc in architecture in the name of "style".
Niraj Naik
Style in architecture
Style in other fields has a different purpose than architecture. Architectural style at times has historical significance, in modern times an individual architect makes a style statement through design, so evolving individuality in architecture has lot of significance.
Dushyant Nathwani
Style in architecture
I never said anyone is pressuring you to follow a particular style... What I meant is that there are certain aspects of style that one can consider and the whole issue in the end is subjective.

But understanding the term style is also necessary and that's my point of view.
Payal Kapoor
Style in architecture
i guess architectural styles are like clothes fashion they change due to the change in society and its needs and in this speed changing world we cant just stick to one style niether we can follow each trend that is in we cant say that the architect should be subjective to one style cause each project has his own identity and each project should be treated individualy in a adifferent style oofcourse that suite it better... but i agree when u said that each one should have his own style but i prefer to kall it a aspirit where i must say that every architect who designs a biulding would put some of his spirit in the building he is designing.....
Darya Tarawneh


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