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Name for architectural design office
Can anybody suggest a name for an architectural design office? What will be the criteria for its selection? I need suggestions, your thoughts will be appreciated.

Feroz Shah
Name for architectural design office

Just take a look at the names of the famous architect's offices. Often it is just an abbreviation of the names of the owners, like MVRDV. This is maybe the easiest way. But it doesn't tell anything about the work and the philosophy of the office. An example for this kind might be OMA, the office of Rem Koolhaas. Office for Metropolitan Architecture. So I think that you need to know which kind of impression you want to give with your name.

You can also change a term which is usually used in other context. The name BAUHAUS ia an example for that. In former times, the workshops where the stonecarvers finished the pieces for the churches were called Bauhütte. The Bauhaus architects change that name to BAUHAUS.

But where do you live? Maybe it's completely different where you live.

So long,
Sascha Wieser
Name for architectural design office
Ozgur Basak Alkan


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