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Centers for cerebral palsy world wide
Sir, Maam, I would be obliged to know more about the current status of the cerebral palsy centers all over the world and there design crieterias.
Prithwiraj Ghosh Roy
Centers for cerebral palsy world wide
Dear Prithvi,
It is heartening to know of your concern for cerebral palsy and the design of its centers across continents.

Agana Child Foundation, a charity initiated to work globally is working in this direction to collect information and shares your concern.

ArchNET members would feel satisfied to know that perhaps for the first time in the history of NGOs, AGANA has mandated the mission to incorporate the values of architecture for Rehabilitation Centers for Children.

In September 1990, an unprecedented number of country presidents and national leaders gathered at the United Nations for the World Summit for Children, to consider how to guarantee children a better life.

The World Summit for Children reflected the world's hopes for children. The leaders signed up to ambitious goals to reduce child mortality, increase immunization coverage, deliver basic education, and a whole raft of other measures, and pledged to ratify the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which had been unanimously approved by the United Nations General Assembly just the year before.

The World Declaration to which the leaders signed their name was bold and unequivocal- The well-being of children requires political action at highest level. The cause of children, for perhaps the first time in human history, was at the top of the world's agenda. AGANA is focussed to assist the leaders and the United Nations on the continuance of unfinished business of the World Summit.

AGANA derives inspiration from The Aga Khan Development Network < AKDN > the ethic of compassion.

AGANA co- ordinates to ensure special protection for the most disadvantaged children- victims of war, disasters, extreme poverty, all forms of violence and exploitation and those with HIV/AIDS, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Thalassaemia, Haemophillia, and other related disorders and disabilities.

AGANA promotes participation of architecture, urbanism, environment, landscape design and preservation of culture and heritage as important tools to bring values into environments, buildings, communities and contexts, to make quality of life better for future generations.

AGANA assists Governments, NGOs, Self-Help Organizations, Communities, Families and Children, some 800 million in Africa, Asia and Pacific Region, 127 countries, under developed and developing, majority of them excluded from many social opportunities, to create inclusive, barrier-free community based rehabilitation through co-ordination, global and regional, and by helping provide legislation, technical assistance, organizing seminars, workshops and training courses and by disseminating information through ICT, on-line and various means.

ArchNET members are requested to share their information via e-mail to

anwar merchant
Anwar Merchant


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