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From Wolfsberg to Askariya
Salaam alaykum!

Yesterday, the glad news, Zaha Hadid's award winning construction of the Phaeno Science center in Germany.

Overshadowing it today is the heartbreaking news of the wanton destruction of the Askariya Mosque.

I would ask of Muslims everywhere, please do not destroy any more of our historic, cultural and religious architecture.

I am devastated by this; is this what Mohammad would have done? I am sick to death with western exploitation of the Shia/Sunni conflict, as it is, as it is constantly portrayed in Western media, as it is used to justify naked aggression against innocent people.

We are given three days, or a week to mark the loss: It is not just Shia or Sunni, not just Arab and Muslim- but the whole global community that has lost a treasure.

Perhaps some day I will visit Germany, to savor the work of Zaha Hadid; I will never see Askariya. I hope the greater community of designers, architects and builders will today resolve to urge the end of sectarian violence and destruction.

It is our works that will are lost as well as those who have come before us.

ma salemah!
Anthony Stewart
From Wolfsberg to Askariya
Anthony, the Askariya bomb attack was made by political extremists whose aim was to provoke an extreme reaction.

This attack was not inspired by faith, but by politics. Therefore any "soft-target" symbol whether it be a flag, or a person, or a building becomes an easy target for extremists to exploit, because they can only win when they can provoke an extreme reaction.

Therefore the rebuilding of Askariya should be a joint effort by both Sunni and Shi'ite associations.
Frank John Snelling
From Wolfsberg to Askariya
Salaam alaykum!

What an excellent suggestion, Frank Snelling!

In what better way may the concept of Tawhid be presented than to have Askariya rebuilt with Sunni/Shia cooperative effort. It would serve well to have such an effort spearheaded by through our most respected architects and designers. How to proceed?

ma salemah!
Anthony Stewart


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