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Iraq antiquities
For what this is worth, the University of Chicago's Oriental Institute is apparently launching a public website next week that will feature available pictures and descriptions of some of the items lost in the ransacking of the National Museum in Baghdad recently. There will also apparently be ways suggested for the public at large to assist in the recovery of these items.
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Laila Anil
Iraq antiquities
As I heard an Turkish professor wrote a book about the Sumerian civilization explaning how Adam came to earth with a cristal in his hand loaded with all usefull info for human been.
Osama Turk
Iraq antiquities
The resource mentioned in this message is indeed active and growing. Please see the information below for details.

I would like to invite any of you with first-hand knowledge of the stuation in Iraq with respect to architecture to respond with details to the IraqCrisis list:
All who are interested in the cultural heritage crisis in Iraq are invited to this list. The archive, dating back to April 2003, is publicly accessible.

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Web-based Resources


--The Iraq Museum Database: An illustrated catalogue of objects from Iraqi museum collections


--Preliminary Bibliographies of books documenting the contents of the Iraq Museum, the National Library and Archives, and the manuscript collection of the Ministry of Religious Endowments - all in Baghdad - as well as of other damaged or destroyed collections in Baghdad or elsewhere in Iraq including Mosul, Basrah, Suleimaniyeh, etc.


--IraqCrisis: A moderated list for communicating substantive information on cultural property damaged, destroyed or lost from Libraries and Museums in Iraq during and after the war in April 2003, and on the worldwide response to the crisis.

The Iraq Working Group of the Oriental Institute expresses its willingness to co-operate with international efforts to recover looted Iraqi antiquities, manuscripts, books and other cultural properties, and to assist our Iraqi colleagues.

All sites linked from the home-page of the Oriental Institute
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