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I'm a final year architecture student. I'm very interested in attending the ARCASIA 2006 Conference, in Beijing in September this year.

I have written at the email address given in its website several times, but there is no response.

Does anyone have info on how to register for the conference/student jamboree session?
-- Sheherbano Mehboob, July 7, 2006
Try contacting your local architecture institute. If you are in Pakistan, as I gathered from your name, you can write to the Hon Secretary or the President Institute of Architects Pakistan (IAP) at
-- Hammad Husain, July 8, 2006

Do you wish to attend the congress or the student jamboree? I think participation to the congress is limited for students.

The congress itself is from 17 to 22 September, while the student jamboree is 20-22 September.

Your best bet may be to contact the congress office:

(Mr) Wang Xiaojing or (Ms) Wu Pujuan



Good luck!

-- Sajid Rizvi, July 8, 2006
Also, if you flag your message clearly, Arcasia 2006 query or somesuch, you should get a response. I got one rather quickly.

The following url gives you a link to the student registration form (right at the end). I recommend faxing it rather than sending it via email:

-- Sajid Rizvi, July 8, 2006

I don't know which institute you are in; as for me in Mumbai, each college has one student representing the college to attend the conference, so I would advise you to inquire in your college if they too got an invitation, which I'm sure they would have.
-- Mallika Vaja, August 15, 2006
Hi all,

Well, this is too late to write in this forum.
I also have heard about ARCASIA; I am a student from CEPT, India.
But when I trained under a Sri Lankan architect called Madhura Prematillake, I came to know about this ARCASIA forum.

The next proposal was made by him, as in the Sri Lankan architects, and the brochure for the same was getting designed at the office.

He had also given some lectures at the ARCASIA 2006.
But I doubt regarding the invitation sent to my college.
So if it is happening next year, I would be glad if we would be informed for the same.
-- Rashmita Jadav, December 27, 2006


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