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I am the coordinator of a research team developing a conservation plan for the Sahrij & Sbaiyin Madrassa Complex in Fez, Morocco. The project is supervised by ICOMOS Morocco and sponsored by grants from the World Monuments Fund and the Getty Foundation.

One of my roles as coordinator is to propose creative and appropriate solutions for the reuse of the site. More importantly, I must be able to defend my propositions before government officials who will ultimately decide which activities will be adopted. As a structural engineer, I am comfortable with the technical side of restoration. However, aside from some very basic notions, I have few tools to treat questions concerning sustainable development.

Could anybody suggest sources of information, related case studies or experts in the field who could be of help?

Thank you,
Bonnie Kaplan
Bonnie Kaplan
Sustainable Development Resources
Bonnie, You could add in shops and stores around the edges of the site as a commercial element which would fund these madrassa. This is not a new idea and was normal in earlier times. :)))
Frank John Snelling


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