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Project management
Hello All,

My boss has offered me the responsibility of project management; I know that the project management softwares provide the task tracker, issue tracker, etc., but which type of project management software helps organizations improve efficiency by implementing better project management practices?

Jeff Well
Project management
Jeff, The human mind is the best tool as you will find that many so-called modern day management practices are bureaucratic rather than intelligent. :)))
Frank John Snelling
Project management
Hi Jeff,

Check this out:

Chitradeep Sengupta
Project management
I am a PMP. I use MS Project, and I am happy with it. For risk analysis, Primavera's "At Risk" is really good.
Irfan Sonawala
Project management
Frank is totally right, only sometimes human mind needs help to keep everything in one place . That’s when a proper management tool is very useful. It takes some of your burden and makes the work smoother. I use Wrike ( for this. Helped me to organize myself and my team.
Daniel Jakes
Project management
Hello Dears,

The substantial/major pillars/targets of project management are cost & time as well as quality control. Project management softwares i-e Primavera, MS Project Planning etc are the tools, it's your site execution experience or knowledge of resource utilization and manpower dealing/managing skills which makes you a good project manager.
But, for mega projects with large number of activities and better project monitoring, better presentation, diverse reports, I would strongly recommend primavera.
Farman Karim
Project management
Hello all,
Softwares are tools, it's like saying that you write better with a wordprocessing software. Of course, it helps a bit like correcting mistakes (on our topic, softwares give alerts and help to be more systematic), but it doesn't make you a better project manager. At least, more organized and more

If you can't read or interprete data, then it's completly useless.

Word doesn't make you a writer, nor Excel makes you an accountant...

Same applies with Ms Project or any other project management software... Tools are facilities, only.

What makes an efficient project management?
This is a different question.
Louisette Rasoloniaina
Project management
bottom line is still the results. so, let us take care that we do not fall into a trap of creating / maintaining an illusion of "management expertise" all because of software.
Jofer Magsi
Project management
when i first thought of a 'Project Manager' it was unlike a 'work Mistry' that i experienced when i saw my home being built. The man was a old colonial fellow who cycled down in khaki's and a solar hat .He was a retired 'overseer' from British Era .He would check the percentage of cement n concrete, make payments in the evening ,and discuss the different contrators dues Etc. Hand's free, he hardly left his easy chair and made onspot decisions.
it does depend on the project 'a project like taking a double width train track from Tehran to Hanoi alongwith a Highway and compatible dumps and diners a full chain of Gas Stations ....such a project manager would need helicopter and a human assistant as a 24/7 organiser.....I will go check these software ..
P.S. Does anyone know how we make custom software ?
Sher Saddozai
Project management

Hi Jeff, As per my experience that I would say that a better Project Management Tool is one that providing Real Time Collaboration. Also, having real time notification and activity feeds helps small team to get in touch with their project. is the one I would recommend to use while working as a small team. It commits small teams to work and communicate effectively.

Adam Christ


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