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PDA for architects
Our firm is into architectural and interior works. I am finding it difficult to manage the price and specifications of various items- especially when it comes to interiors.

At the moment, we maintain these specs manually in a book. Is there any PDA with the appropriate software that can manage such a database + open CAD drawings etc.,?

Eg,you see a product and you like it. Now a photo of the product can be taken on the device + a brief write up + pricing can be fed on the spot. Packages like Archicad and Revit have (I think) a specification + estimation module attached to it.

Now if the database on the PDA (or similar device) can be in sync with the database of the drawing software it can be pretty convenient. Any comments?

It would be good if such a device is there and it is integrated with any drafting packages- the pic you take would get added to the material library (this can be used for rendering), the date that you feed would get updated to the specification module, and the pricing to the estimation.
Kiran Aryan
PDA for architects
Hi Kiran,

To the best of my knowledge (take an alternate view of course pl.), PDAs are not yet so good. They are good for taking snaps and using with MS Office, etc. You can always upload your Excel sheets or Word files...but AutoCAD, I don't know.

A low end (desktop replacement) laptop would be a better option at this point in time, or wait for say another year. What you want should be there.
Chitradeep Sengupta
PDA for architects
I came across an instrument that is capable of viewing AutoCAD drawings a long time back. And the PDAs available now can easily open pdfs, excel, etc.

As you said, it should get better with time. But something portable would be been a lot more easier when compared to a laptop.
Kiran Aryan


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