Urban Design
Climatically responsive town planning

I would like to know some famous architects and their works of township design that have been climatically responsive, preferably in the warm humid climatic zone. This is with regard to my thesis.

Also, what do you all think about the situation in warm humid and tropical climates with regard to architecture, urban towns and city design? I personally feel not much work or research has gone into this climatic zone. This has been further slowed down with the advent of air conditioning. Is the trend today "we can make buildings work anywhere anyhow" ???
Kala Praveen
Climatically responsive town planning
You could look at the house groups constructed for tsunami victims.
Architects like Mr. Sreeram Ganapathy, Durganand Balsavar, etc., have done lots of work on how to build houses (though low cost) that are climatically effective..
It's a problem at a basic level.
Sumedha Jain


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