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Downtown revitalization in the United States
Hello everyone. I am currently working on my final project for my BLA and have decided to undertake a 30 acre downtown site. This is a site that is located within the historic downtown area of Starkville, MS, but has become rundown and full of vacant space and buildings.

My question is has anyone on this board heard of any good case studies that deal with about the same size area of a downtown and focus on New Urbanist principles?

Any information on possible case studies or precedents would be greatly appreciated.
Justin Presson
Downtown revitalization in the United States
Hi Justin,

One of the best examples that I personally know is Providence, Rhode Island, which has a population of about 170,000 people (much larger than Starkville, which apparently has around 20,000). Here's a description of that project on the website of CNU (Congress for the New Urbanism):

You can browse the CNU Project Database for more examples.

I also recommend that you look at the ULI (Urban Land Institute) Case Studies database at

I'd be curious to hear a bit more about your project (and the town) if you're interested in sharing it.

Best of luck,
Ozgur Basak Alkan


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