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Hospital architecture
What are the major zones in a hospital with respect to access control?

What kind of communication solutions (e.g. news, messages, information etc) are ideally required within a hospital premises: internal or external?
P Das
Hospital architecture
Some major zones in a hospital are for outpatients, emergencies, and staff. Most communication systems required in a hospital are internal.

A hospital is a place to be diagnosed, treated, and operated on; it is a place to convalesce and to emerge from to return back to normal daily life.
Dushyant Nathwani
Hospital architecture
Dear Mr. Nathwani,
Thanks for your response.

[In recent days the forum has shifted significantly towards subjective discussions and theories. I have failed to canvass the panelists' opinions on some objective ones. Your response is a big solace :)]

I am consulting a hospital on the implemention of appropriately integrated IT systems to meet their communication and information sharing requirements.

I need to understand the following:

1. How can we classify various areas in a hospital on the basis of communication requirements?
For example, the visitors in reception could be interested in doctors' availability, automated booking info, etc; those sitting in OPD might have entirely different concerns and information requirements.

2. How many types of people inhabit a hospital premise at a time? What are these types?

Thanks and Regards,
P Das
Hospital architecture

It is difficult to answer your questions as every hospital will differ in volume and managment. I am working on a few 50 bed hospitals in india with foreign tie-ups.
Dushyant Nathwani


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