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Hi to all of members,

I'm curios about city branding, which is in urban design there often the gap between theory and practice. What I need to know is what is the meaning of city branding? How we can determine that issue? Who are at the frontier of the concept? I can't see in deeply how this can be generated. It means we put new community to replace the existing community?
Mara Shahlan
City branding
Dear Mara Shahlan
I work for a developer named Lavasa. We are developing a City around a lake and in hilly terrain. We did branding for the city and that��s how the name Lavasa was coined. Our brand says that the place is relaxing but still energetic. We believe in four brand believes.

Technology leadership
Cosmopolitan style
Spiritual harmony
Lifelong learning
We intend to build this city for LIVE, LEARN, WORK and PLAY.
The branding is done by Landor (
Please Visit to know more about it on
We haven��t launched yet thus this is about our GIS implementation.

As far as urban design is concern this I see as a way of making understand the developer our urban design concern in a business manner. Making the developer understand that designing public places will create uniqueness in the place and thus the developer shall be able to get more profit.
There are so many aspects of Branding a City. We can talk about it more based on your keenness.
Anubandh Hambarde


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