Urban Design
Kumbh district
I am a final year student in architecture and have taken the Kubh district (prayaag in Allahabad)as my site for thesis. I visited the Kumbh this year and want to propose a meuseum for Kumbh and a complex for the Ganga Riverfront. My problem is that I am not sure that a western concept of museum can be used for documenting activities along the Ganga, its myths, rituals and their meanings and reasons and the history and documentation center for what was declared the biggest gathering in the history of mankind during the Mahakumbh. I need some suggestions, guidance and case studies.
Mansi Sahu
Kumbh district
study temperary huj fascilities as macca at sudiarabia and cosider indian tradition of akharas and bathing siquenses or flow of people to river ghat and latter museum.see it is a event happenning every three years ,people coming from far distance for few days to spiritual experience.the event was started by king harshvardhan to pramot hindu religion , so he started a system where he used to visit with his courtesans and used to donated his wealth keeping his needs for three years , all saintly orgenisations known as akhadas throngd from undevided india and religion in nut shall used to be discussed to reform bad that is it.
Dushyant Nathwani


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