Urban Design
Thesis: Urban Waterfront Development
Hello everyone!

As the subject line indicates, im lookin into a waterfront property which is currently neglected/wasted and developing it into an area with parks/food courts/plazas/beautiful vistas/pathways/amphitheatres etc.

I ve heard of a similar proposal in Hyderabad but im not sure of exactly wat or where it is.Is there anyone who cud shed some light here?

Id also be interested in any other live projects that are proposed in Chennai(apart from the adyar eco park), Cochin, Bangalore.

Any info that cud guide me on this is more than welcome!

thanks in advance!
Karen Daniel
Thesis: Urban Waterfront Development
ths s sadiq doing architecutre final yr at aec frnd is doing thesis topic as river front architecture at s a proposed one..
also hve similar proposals at mangalore in karnataka and many other places..i my gt the details and drwings ths month end ..wll lt u knw tht time..
keep in touch..
if u got details abt 5 st hotl gve me..
Sadiq Mohammed
Thesis: Urban Waterfront Development
hey sadiq thanks for the info..the riverfront proposal in ahmedebad is complete and in the construction your friend doin that as a case study or using it as a live site?

I could provide u with details of the trident hilton hotel,chennai but there are no drawings ..jus a ppt presentation
Karen Daniel
Thesis: Urban Waterfront Development
It might be more than you are interested in, but Babylon, Iraq fits your description. Now might not be the best time to visit, but to get the research started would be excellent.
I was there in the summer of 2004. I have heard they have moved most of the soldiers away from the ruins. There is also quite a bit of waterfront property that is quite beautiful and fragrant (the ancient flowers were in bloom when I was there).
I realize Babylon is not physically nearby, but there is quite a bit that can be accomplished over the net.

good luck,
Ed Touchet
Thesis: Urban Waterfront Development
m not aware of any current proposal in hyderabad but isnt the necklace road connecting the twin cities a small eg too?the development of the adyar river front in che(ongng proposal che)cd be of help too!but u have any idea on wat kind of character do u wanna give to this project..?
Sumedha Jain
Thesis: Urban Waterfront Development
thanks for the info sounds very intresting but im tryin to restrict myself to the indian context..nevertheless,i am looking into it

and sumidha the character of the place is basically recreation/ most of my ideas will lean to informal/recreation spaces.depending on the site i wud also like to include things like cultural heritage as well.

adyar eco park-the proposal is more or less finalised and that s the reason why im lookin into it as a case study and not a proposed site.
Karen Daniel
Thesis: Urban Waterfront Development
Hi Karen
Pune also has riverfront development project. Nothing has been done and the project is a terrible mess. but still huge potential.
Anubandh Hambarde
Thesis: Urban Waterfront Development
hi karen....
dont know if this info wud be useful..
but nevertheless....since u wanted it in relation to indian context.....
their have been proposals made for the waterfront development of juhu beach,mumbai and dadar beach,mumbai.

recently there was an article abt the pending development of dadar beach front since 2004..

dont have the info on it but if u like u may wanna check tht out...

further more there have always been proposals made for the queen's necklace i.e. marine drive, mumbai...
do check them if u find the info worthwhile..

Tanuj Kulharia
Thesis: Urban Waterfront Development
Thanku both, anubandh and lookin into all the places u'll have mentioned!
Karen Daniel
Thesis: Urban Waterfront Development
hello iam vani student of architecture from hyd, i have semected theisi tpic as waterfront architecture,we are supposed to prepare a questionnare and ask ppl wh all r working for this
here the question
the ultimate goal of city planning is to provide a crative environment for people to live in and generate the maximum interaction between people and their surrundings.role of watetrfronts in supporting the above statement
Vani Gundu


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