Professional Practice
training in big firm
m new member of ArchNet.and i want to do pp at banglore but confused for big firm or small.
can anybody will guide me with keeping in mind that i can work on 3DS MAX, REVIT, ARCHICAD...
Sawan Chandak
training in big firm
Hi there..welcome to the freternity..

first of all Bangalore is a nice lovely city...ignoring the traffic that is.
and coming to big or depends where u are looking at heading further.

Small firms -to start with.Though
the big firms suit ur skill sets and a good paypacket
Nandini Saligram
training in big firm
Sawan, In general, small firms mean you will be expected to work at everything current and so you will have wide variety of work. Whereas, large firms tend to pigeon-hole people into small areas of expertise, so you will do similar work all of the time.

Samller firms will probably have less equipment and less new equipment and so if you want experience on the latest machines go for a large firm to suit your immediate learning needs.
Frank John Snelling
training in big firm
thanks frank and nandini,
can u suggest me some good firms in banglore?
Sawan Chandak


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