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Entrance gates
hi guys...i m analysing d PUBLIC ENTRANCES in terms of: building typology, appearance, visual impact on d user, elements enhancing d entrances, scale and proportion etc. can add many more perspectives...pls suggest!!
can u suggest me relevant examples & guide for d same....waiting for responses!!!!
Kiran Sawarkar
Entrance gates
Kiran, Public Entrances need to be noticed, so make the entrance obvious and stick a big sign above the door. :)))
Frank John Snelling
Entrance gates
hi Frank, happy to hav your response.....but i dont hav to design entrance......i m analysing the public entrances n i need to present report on the analysis based on the points mentioned earlier........waiting for suggestions.......
Kiran Sawarkar
Entrance gates
Hi Kiran,
Have you thought of fortified town entrances?

I guess you have the traditional Indian/Pakistani doors very alike with the Lamu or Zanzibar doors from East Africa. Those last, have typical ornementation and arabic scripture.

For Muslim doors, the front used to display a quote or Quranic verse... The main idea was to keep the evil and envy out of the house or asks for God�s protection. They have also brass coming out to prevent from elephant attacks... of course all those are antiques.

I suggest you to have a look on the Archnet digital library and/or google image.

On the side of typology: check the vicinity of those entrances in term of space proximity, orientation and configuration: most of the time, from that main entrance you can�t see the house real interior. In rich housing, like the Morocan ryad, the entrance space is a filter-chamber or lane, only beyond this first space the intimates or guests can access.

In France it used to be called antichamber and/or vestibule. Check space hierarchy and authorized displacement into the space (according to one status, one uses a specific entrance).
Louisette Rasoloniaina


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