Urban Design
city circulation
just want some help regarding roads and streets ,basicaly the city circulations.
Samiah Sarkar
city circulation
Samiah, Think in terms of several types of flow pattern. A main highway would be wide and maybe with two or more traffic lanes. Then lesser highways go from the main highway to different parts of the city. Then you have roads which have not exit either for business or industrial parks or for housing, etc.
Frank John Snelling
city circulation
Samiah, I am a final yr student having taken up "transportation planning" as a research for my elective. I am studying the spatial configuration, technology, temporal & modal distribution, OD analysis.. wrt the urban setups in general and chandigarh in particular. This was just to give you a generalised idea. I have a lot of stuff as far as this topic is concerned. Can you pls lemme know as to what exactly u need?
Saadiya Shaikh
city circulation
Thanks Sadia for responding.actually i m dealing with the design and planning of streets ,basically commercial streets.for that reason i have to study the means and modes of circulations,road types ,street types,transportation if you have any stuff regarding this topic please share with me.
it will really help me out
Samiah Sarkar


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