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centre for western art
I m doing my thesis on centre for western art which incudes western music and dance. I am just about to start my design. I want a theme or concept from which the 3d form of the building can reflect the image of western music & dance. I also confused in the type of materials that can be used in structure.
Bhawna Welturkar
centre for western art
analysis leads to concept...
analysis is the node...
(YOU) choose the topic of the analysis...
(YOU) create your own analytical procedure based on concrete ideas, rythm, harmony, proportions,etc...
be critical...
be straight forward...
let the analysis choose the direction of ur work (within certain limits)
use the analysis to defend ur material selection (material selection based on your analysis)
analysis could be (1+1=2)
analysis could be (perspective)
analysis could be (emotions)
analysis could be (positive and negative space)
analysis is very wide but u have to chose something to analyse
it could be the boundaries of ur site as for aerila analysis that creates the plans...
you can chose musical notes or language to create the harmonical rythm and movement of circulation and elevations...
put both analysis together...gather them with respect to your architectural skills and knowledge (in a simple composition)(volumetric) and finally start the technical erection...
this is a 4 month work so good luck...
if you need any further help tell me i can provide u with a whole project that can lead you and make it easier for you to understand...
Souheib Mourad
centre for western art
hi Souheib,
Thankyou very much for ur suggession, it really made me move out of the confussion.
I wanted to see ur project for reference.
If possible then please send me a copy of ur project or give me ur mail address, so that i can contact u easily.
Bhawna Welturkar
centre for western art
hi bhawna,
i am dng thesis on dance acdemy tis yr.i am plng to go for my caase studies n all thought u culd hepl me. would like to knw more abt ur project and report,case studies also . can u mail in brief abt ur project.
Amrita Patil


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