Urban Design
Low-income Houisng in Africa
I am working on my MArch Thesis and am looking for a case study in Africa where Low-income housing has been used as a tool to integrate the lowincome group into a larger more developed capital city.
Olawale Ajibola
Low-income Houisng in Africa
I was in Libya last month and I saw in Gadames a small neighbourhood for people that lived in the old mud village.
These houses where built next to the modern town and they seemed integrated.
Leonor Janeiro
Low-income Houisng in Africa
i was in calabar, the capital of cross river state in Nigeria, were i noticed a good integration between the high and low income housing structures,( though not of mud)but the most interesting thing i personally observed was what made the merger possible, And that was due to the good management of the enviroment. Though there was a clear distinction between the developed city structures and the low income houses in terms of finishes, facade, material used E.T.C but the enviroment well managed was able to accomodate both without a very sharp distinction and contrast...
i will get to write to you more on it,i just bomped into the site, saw ur topic and was interested, it's just that i have a lecture to attend to now
~ Cheers Barwa
Peter Barwa


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