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Belapur Housing (artist's village) Today?
Hi, I am currently studying incremental housing and recently visited Correa's belapur housing project. it has changed drastically over the years, and hardly resembles the project that was published 15-20 years ago. While the the flow of spaces and small public spaces seem to still work pretty well, the physical makeup of the houses has changed drastically. about one third of all the houses have been torn down and completely rebuilt with new materials (cast in place concrete) and they are MUCH larger. One resident said the original houses were too small, built cheaply, and look like village houses, which people do not associate with aspirations or development in the urban context. Much of the original houses are in pretty bad visual shape. It is interesting that the entire project was designed to grow incrementally, but it seems to have outgrown itself to some extent.

I am also curious if there have been any recent articles (within the last 5 years about the project) in terms of who is living there and more current assesments of its success of failure-both architecturally (visual rythms, variety of styles, relationship of public to private) and socially(who is living there now versus who the project was originally intended for). I went to a talk by Correa last month, and he showed a picture from 20 years ago to describe the project. i was quite disappointed that he didn't speak to what the current state of the village is, even though it is still a rich environment.

Any thoughts, leads, references?

Thanks in advance,
Luke Perry
Belapur Housing (artist's village) Today?
Hi�����.Dear Luke,
I went through your article about Incremental housing at Belapur.
Currently I am undergoing my professional training and along with this I have to do a case study, and incidentally I was planning to study the same project and represent it.
Now I am thinking to orient my study toward mostly two points. First, how the project was originally executed as compared to its current situation.
Second, how was the plan (if there was any?) for its next phase development (increment?) versus how is it being developed now a days?
So I seek your help regarding above points.
Waiting for your response.
Zaki Momin
Belapur Housing (artist's village) Today?
Luke, I think you will find that for many architects the challenge and therefore the interest is in the design and build of something. So that interest in a project drops off once it has been built.

Furthermore, I think the idea that the design as an ideal solution is the reason for existence of many architects. Therefore the idea that the architect should keep a watching brief on past projects would probably send cold shudders down their spines, because the alterations which occur imply that the original design was not such an ideal solution after all.
Frank John Snelling
Belapur Housing (artist's village) Today?
Luke, read my post today for "What`s wrong with architecture today". Stewart Brand`s book "How Buildings Learn" is worth a read. :)))
Frank John Snelling
Belapur Housing (artist's village) Today?
Hi Luke,
I have been following up the Belapur Housing. I have 10 Cents of land in kerala and i wish to build such small low cost units efficiently.I need to have lot of open spaces/air /light and enjoy monsoon.
do you have the detailed of all typeA to E of the original?
Althaf Abdul Hameed


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