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Neo-Vernacularism in Interior Design?
I need a little help. I am trying to incorporate the theory of NEO-VERNACULARISM in interior design. how possible is it?
Angelo Cruz
Neo-Vernacularism in Interior Design?

What do you mean by NEO-VERNACULARISM. It sounds like 'retro' music but with the after-taste that the movements preceding it have been disappointing. Perhaps you could clarify further.
Benito Castiglione
Neo-Vernacularism in Interior Design?
neo-vernacularism could be a fine term for making sense of the present clutter; of making the best of what is available.

it's an exercise of both heart and mind if one is to make sense of current situations... possibly of one's home, or community, or identity, or culture... but all with an end-view of finding a path ahead.
Jofer Magsi
Neo-Vernacularism in Interior Design?
Thank you for the responses. i have come across a definition of neo-vernacularism: bringing new life to vernacular heritage for new and contemporary functions.

is combining the traditional materials and design of a place with a futuristic interior be considered as neo-vernacularism? thanks for the responses.
Angelo Cruz


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