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jama masjid redevelopment plan ,delhi
i m planning to do do my thesis on redevelopment of jama masjid . can sm1 plz help me with some details of project.
Ali Ahmad Shah
jama masjid redevelopment plan ,delhi
can u be a bit more specific on what kind of details u want?
Rajdeep Routh
jama masjid redevelopment plan ,delhi
well youcan hav two starts
one DDA has done upto a certain extent in this regard, so you can directly contact them.
you can refer a number of thesis to related topic
Tanu Bhatt
jama masjid redevelopment plan ,delhi
the part of my concern is to develop the area between the jama masjid and the redfort fort as it was planned.
Ali Ahmad Shah
jama masjid redevelopment plan ,delhi
Do you mean rehabilitation?
You know the jama masjid is the same as congragational mosque. your main parts could be:
A)spiritual and intangible values
B)materialistic and construcrional values
you should expand two aforementioned parts.
Saeedeh Hosseini


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