Urban Design
thesis topic-urban interventions
I am doing my Masters in Domus academy. I am planning to do thesis on the crossroads and unused spaces in urban scenario. I would like to create interventions for people and students-easy to excess and educational activites happening in those spaces keeping in mind to develop green space into it. Can some body suggest any links or works of architects or designers on similar topic or can anyone suggest architects working on such urban design in india and how to approach them?

Shaili Bhavsar
thesis topic-urban interventions
your intentions behind the topic seem to be intresting.... please study opportunities created due to removal / demolition of existing barriers within an existing settelment. eg the berlin wall edges after the demolition have been challenged dramatically, other example is the place created after the 9/11 event. spaces created after earthquake kutch etc.
these seemingly large blocks / barriers have suddenly become opportunities for their sorrounding contexts.
Abhay Bhonsale


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