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slum rehab project
hi everyone.
i am a 4th year student. our class is doing a slum rehab project.i would like to know the considerations and the issues that need to be tackled before designing a slum redevelopment.
i would like to know about some ideas and informations on how to tackle a site with its context and surroundings.
thank you
Sohan Sawant
slum rehab project
Hi Sohan,

First thing that you need to take into your consideration is put the people (slum dwellers) as subject instead of object of your project.

By doing so, you'll be able to gain people's trust in which is a strong capital to start your project.

Better not to inject so many interventions, but it is how you manage to facilitate the effort of enabling the community, learning their local wisdom.

Hopefully this help,

Ariko Andikabina
slum rehab project
Thanx ariko. it will surely help me and my friends.
maybe you could had just guided me in terms of analysis that need to be thought of in terms of existing pattern and how should i encorporate in the design.
thanx a lot.
Sohan Sawant
slum rehab project
"Slums in Cities, Providing Low Cost Housing to End Slums":
Ben Huser
slum rehab project
I may consider a sustainable approach to tackle such projects, considering social, economical & environmental dimensions in an appropriate manner towards solving the problem of this slum. Such projects will start with an urban survey to observe and document the existing conditions (social, economical, urban aspects�etc), then to analyze such conditions and later propose an appropriate solution, taking into account the ideas & needs of stakeholders. As an example, it is essential to know the way of life, types of jobs and spaces they need to carry out their daily work & needs, where you could consider them in your analysis and kindly don't try to introduce an alien type of housing that won't be appropriate with the inhabitants needs. Good luck.
Mohamed Asar
N.B. The photo is a local slum before reconstructing the site.
Mohamed S. Asar
slum rehab project
i don't mean to be judgmental and i don't intend to make this as a sweeping statement. but it seems that 'slum' is a mentality rather than an affordable housing issue. decent spaces become slums because people that dwell in them have a way of turning them that way. it is a matter of culture. i believe housing will not solve 'slums'. one has to rebel against living that way before a 'solution' is even tried. but there are those who wants just that, and any attempts to enlighten them is regarded to be insulting. so their response is be to be more 'slum'-like. which in turn discourages further attempts to intervene. the next recourse is to divert resources away and channel these to those that value them. the convenient measure of which is the 'return on investment', something that 'slum' mentality would not care about. thus, a slum redevelopment is not really for the benefit of slum inhabitants but for those who can bring about better returns.
Jofer Magsi


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