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to build against terrorism
hi friends!
i am final year architecture student and have decided to take up "architectural design against terrorism" as my dissertation topic.
i would like to get response in regard to that from all of u!
i am waiting for any suggestions or even for the critisism. please respond to my messege.
i am planning to develop a resdential and commercial complex in a war prone zone in india which is in rural periphiry.
i want to make them more safe in their homes from terrorist attacks and explosions.
please suggest.
urs sincerely himani kaul
Himani Kaul
to build against terrorism
The topic surely needs an appreciation for the following:
1.Use of materials/technology
2.Use of evacuation techniques in case of explosions and/or attacks.
3.Use of fire preventive techniques.

But still the practicality of the location of the project arises a few questions:
1. Who would like to stay in a war prone/attack prone zone or buy at least a plot therein
2. Isnt it against eco friendliness and sustainability to use materials for war prevention which are likely to increase cost.

Hope this starts a discussion.
Subhankar Nag
to build against terrorism
How do you build against something so uncertain just baffles one saw the twin tower disaster coming, even if they did what are we to do?...stop building high rises? use what materials?
I live in a country which has been fighting a war for the last 30 yrs or so, Sri Lanka. Recently they built the Highcommission building for the British. This building is supposedly a terrorist proof building. [at a certain degree anyway] built by Richard Murphy.
he goes on to say on his web site,
"The social function of a High Commission building is much reduced from the popular image of an 19th century Commission and the emphasis on our design is much greater on making a pleasant working environment, allowing for future flexibility for the re-arrangement of departments and above all for a great degree of security in particular for bomb blast attack. We have worked closely with our colleagues, SKM Anthony Hunt, structural engineers, to achieve the necessary defensive structures (the whole building is made out of reinforced concrete)"
to build against terrorism
Himani, Probably the way to go would be "gated communities". In other words: (a) a perimeter fence or wall with entrance gates with security guards, and (b) the building far enough away from the enclosing fence to survive attacks at the fence.

Note: what I mean by "fence or wall" is one strong enough to withstand a heavy vehicle driven into the fence.

Obviously, such design is costly and therefore only for wealthy companies or wealthy people.
Frank John Snelling
to build against terrorism
To Frank,
I have seen many a times you being critical about apartment living. yet here you are proposing gated communities. I am just intrigued as to why have gone and commented in such a way when in most instances what i have seen is that you are overly concerned about unsociable living conditions. doesn't gated communities propose such unsociable agglomeration's in housing?
to build against terrorism
How does a war prone zone relate to terrorism?
Is it in Kashmir?
The design implications of terrorism-resistant building would be far more complex than a war-resistant one as the former would incorporate aspects of individual access control. In case of war, I think the only major consideration would be 'safety from bulets/shells/missiles etc'; and certainly not the threats like 'human bombs'.
P Das


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