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low income housing
can anyone tell me of low-incoming housing schemes around the world? help is appreciated and also how i can knw their merits and demerits
Mahrukh Mirza
low income housing
i think this links will help you out.
and southafrica, south india- works of laurie baker. would help you out.

Affordable housing is a term used to describe dwelling units whose total housing costs are deemed "affordable" to a group of people within a specified income range. Although the term is often applied to rental housing that is within the financial means of those in the lower income ranges of a geographical area, the concept is applicable to both renters and purchasers in all income ranges. This article focuses on the affordability of owner-occupied and private rental housing as social housing is a specialised tenure.

In the United States and Canada, a commonly accepted guideline for housing affordability is a housing cost that does not exceed 30% of a household's gross income. Housing costs considered in this guideline generally include taxes and insurance for owners, and usually include utility costs. When the monthly carrying costs of a home exceed 30�35% of household income, then the housing is considered unaffordable for that household.
Shaili Bhavsar


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