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Psycho-Physiological Effects of Color in Interior Spaces
Hi!!!:)I'm conducting research in field of color psychology for my master thesis. Im really fascinated with the subject of color and would be very grateful if you share with me your ideas, knowledges...personal viewpoints...the subject so wide and charming:) and i would appreciate your help and any information(although i've already found some data)in particular, i'm concentrated on psycho-physiological effects of color, its emotional impact, how it may influence human psychological state and body functions;use of color according to function and purpose of space (medical facilities, educational spaces, restaurants, retail stores...etc.)please, share with me and contrubute to the discussion!;):)
Anastasia Artyukhova
Psycho-Physiological Effects of Color in Interior Spaces
Anastasia Artyukhova, It is absolutely the colour topic is a very interesting topic. As far as I know Professor Siamak Shahneshin has studied the Goethe's theories about colour, and spent time in organic colours. He also implemented these theories ino practise of hospitals, restaurants, coffee-shops, family-houses, and urban planning. You might get in touch with him. There is also an international association related to colour, check it out in google. good luck
Mark White
Psycho-Physiological Effects of Color in Interior Spaces
Since sight is one of the five senses from which we perceive space i think it is important to study the aspects that define sight perception. one of the key elements that defines space in a sight oriented aspect is color. The process known as synesthesia always intrigued me. Taking this aspect as a major point I think a very interesting study can be formulated.
Psycho-Physiological Effects of Color in Interior Spaces
Maybe the work of this architect could be useful for your research
It's Philippe Rahm
Alia Himmat
Psycho-Physiological Effects of Color in Interior Spaces
Colour in interior spaces is used to create atmosphere or mood setting.

Cool colours are blue and green. Yellow is somewhere in between. Hot colours are red and orange.

Black is the absence of colour. Grey comes in between and white light is all of the colours.

From what I recall Orange and Red are used in spaces to move people quickly and so used for fast food restaurants.

Green and blue are soothing and relaxing colours for hospitals, etc.

Purple / Indigo / Violet infers doubt, indecision and confusion and was not favoured until the very, very recent introduction of violet background lighting in TV Studios because this softens and "humanises" faces.
Frank John Snelling


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