Urban Design
need for outdoor activity
Hi ,I wish to a PhD research in outdoor spaces..
to start with I still dont have a good answer for the whys?

- why do we all need to do outdoor activity? or why do we need outdoor spaces....?
please do help to channelise this very important subject of " outdoor spaces as wellness spaces"
Chandrasekeran Chockalingam
need for outdoor activity
Chandrasekeran, I would say that one reason for activity in outdoor spaces is psychological, because there is natural light and with natural light there are subtle variations and fluctuations which are absorbed by humans without too much awareness.

To compare and see the differences, indoor lighting can be natural light from outside but is increasingly unnatural and artificial light.

To use an analogy, artificial indoor lighting is like "dead air" indoors. Dead air being static and stale air which has been used and reused until the oxygen content is low enough to cause headaches and other out-of-balance physiological symptoms because oxygen in air (like any gas) is not visible to the human eye.
Frank John Snelling
need for outdoor activity
I suspect you are taking a bite from a very large field of study.
Clearly, physiological needs can for the most part be met in indoor spaces through technology, including light wavelengths, air quality, olfractory, and visual stimulation etc etc.
Of course human needs extend beyond merely physiological to include psychological, and the subsets of sociological - such as group belonging and social interaction and spiritual needs.
Indoor spaces have evolved as a means of protection, safety, security, and belonging. Before there was 'indoors' humans demonstrated all of these traits as a survival mechanism.
Assuming the majority of our physical and psychological needs could be met through an entirely enclosed environment, I have to wonder whether our spiritual needs could be satisfied. The sense of wonder at the marvels of nature experienced in any external landscape for example brings notions of the creator. I should temper that by considering the occupants of a space station who cannot (easily) undertake outdoor activity but similarly may marvel at the wonders of the cosmos.

Interesting and rich field of study.
Craig Anderson


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