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Thesis- Islamic Muesuem
Hello to all, well , Currently I am working on my thesis which is an Islamic Muesuem, the difference is only that, the museum does not showcase the religion islam, but the life of prophet Muhammed.

Due to some past events, wrong information of him has been passed out, therefore through this museuem i would like to clear out those misconceptions.

the museum will show him as an individual. how he used to live his life, his hobbies. his teachings e.t.c

so friends, i would like to knw, if the topic i have chosen is good. and any interesting ideas i could add on.
some refernce textbooks, websites...

and anything special feature i could add onto the design of muesum.

Zoya Tabassum
Thesis- Islamic Muesuem
i found this topic very interesting & luck 4 ur thesis.
i wud like to say that use islamic elements bt that shud be used at the end.if u wanna depict rasul's life start with elements or spaces depicting arab before prophet,3w's that is war,wine & woman...then u can go ahead with this childhood,his lifestyle,his preaching...then come to the time when he preached about Allah & Islam now this wud b the correct time to use basic elements of Islamic architecture.
I wud suggest go thru history of prophet & arab,abt mecca & madina,etc

once again best luck
Naaznin Lalani
Thesis- Islamic Muesuem
intersting...try and get details from isariyl as three religions emerged from the holy land that is zew,islam and christianity....paygambar sab spent lot of time should be abel to justify the subject well,shall try and get you details through this forum as and when free....regards.
Dushyant Nathwani
Thesis- Islamic Muesuem
Thank you both for contributing response.

and A.naaz...thnks for giving the idea of talking about the 3W's....cetainly an interesting idea...i will definitly incorporate it...thnx for ur wishes..

Mr Dushyant..thnk you for taking interest ..and looking forward for some details...

And yes...for some interesting design features i can add...
Zoya Tabassum


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