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thesis:library for modern day youth
hello, im currently a 4th year student and doing my thesis..i'm actually thinking of a library for my thesis and this study i'm conducting is to design a currently new library which aims to attract modern day youth...because youth of this generation seems to have a little interest for i'm thinking of a different library which can lure the attention of youth and promote them the habit of reading...can you help me expand my proposal?any reference, website, book etc...or do you know modern libraries that can be my inspiration for my thesis?thank you in advance....
Jb Centeno
thesis:library for modern day youth
I donno whether this wud be of help 4 u bt actually i liked this design of bldg its-
Bibliotheca Alexandrina,Egypt
u must hv seen pics of the same on this site too
best luck
Naaznin Lalani
thesis:library for modern day youth
Glad to see your topic as a library!! but in my opinion, dont try to define a new purpose thruogh the space you are going to design!! Instead of that try to find supplimentary elements to expand your requierments and let the library does the same role, as even today people read the newspapers in d morning rather than checking it on internet.

Please try to see work by Architect Raj Rewal, India, he has designed a huge library in Delhi.

Neha Korde
thesis:library for modern day youth
Hi, you may wish to visit Singapore's NLB website site :

I find your thesis rather interesting, having studied in architecture school for my first degree, obtained a Library Science qualification later, after which I spent about two years running a youth centre which also housed a small collection of books for youth.

If your library offers just books, it is not going to attract many youth, no matter how interesting looking your building is. It has to be vibrant, it has to be alive and preferably with interesting spaces and the capacity to offer a spectrum of library activities (that attract youth). For example, your library can function like a youth community library, perhaps with coffee corner where the youth can take a break from reading for small chats and discussions(Internet cafe?), a small theater where library based activities can take place, language labs, training rooms and incorporation of other knowledge sharing spaces/platforms and information portals.

For the library materials, you have to think beyond books(though from a librarian�s perspective you also need to look into collection development), i.e., try to include audio-visual materials, the possibility of setting a youth reading club, which perhaps organizes an annual reading camp as an activity (create spaces to accommodate this).

Just my two cents of worth�
Nor Ainah Ali


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