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mosque standards
please anyone help me out abt the standards position or location of mosque space.
i have to design a mosque for 200 people only in prayer hall and ultimately 400 will be outside the prayer hall..
wht is the values or standards in ablution area to sit one person from the other.
about main enterance
courtyard etc....
Irsa Rafique
mosque standards
I have appropriate document & material for mosque design, you can blank email to ( )
Furqan Khatri
mosque standards
I am also in the process of designing a Mosque in Afghanistan. I am also trying to find relevant standards pertaining to design standards, if anyone can help.
Marc Willis
mosque standards
My opinion is to decrease the number of columns as far as u can, in addition to place the ablution fountain outside the mosque, i mean adjacent to it, connected with it via a paved corridor so as to facilitate the process of going to purify urself and come back to the mosque.
Waleed Akef
mosque standards
i have to design a mosque..... i need the standards of prayer hall,ablution space & etc..... plz help me ..... i need it as soon as possible.....
Nusrat Tabassum Smita
mosque standards
Just Study the Rituals of Praying and Mosque. and derive physical spaces through anthropometry. Study the precedence and relate the Symbols, Rituals & physical dimention of the mosque.
Analyze your site in urban context from Macro to Micro Level.
If you need further Help Just email me @ ( ).
Furqan Khatri
mosque standards
Dear Furqan Khatri, It will be very helpful for me if you kindly send me the details regarding the topic, as soon as possible, on my e-mail id Thanks.
Faryal Siddiqui


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