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Islamabad Master Plan
I am doing some research on the shifting paradigms of planning and development in Islamabad. Needless to say I have not had much luck accessing CDA and am thus curious if anyone knows how one might find a copy of the original Master Plan of Islamabad, or any of the others, such as the one done in 1978 or more recently the ammendments of 2008?

Any suggestions or insights would be greatly appreciated.
Chad Haines
Islamabad Master Plan
There is an image of the master plan located at the following site.....hope this helpful.

Amir Pirani.
Amir Pirani
Islamabad Master Plan
Amir, Thanks for the link. Given there is no date on the plan, I wonder when it was drawn up.

On another note, I did finally get access to the CDA library - located in Iqbal House, G-7/3, for anyone who is interested.
Chad Haines


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