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Thesis: Astronomy center
Hello everybody, im a new member in Archnet. I'm a student in architecture and am happy to join this forum for the first time. I promise to share knowledge as i can.
i hav chosen the astronomy center as my thesis topic. so can you help me to find some references which can help me as guide to the project.
Mikhil Bhujbal
Thesis: Astronomy center
the site which i hav chosen is karjat..which is near bombay.the project deals with creating the awareness of astronomy and astro physics among the people.
Mikhil Bhujbal
Thesis: Astronomy center
la Cit� de la Science in Paris might be useful.
Ahmed Al Awamleh
Thesis: Astronomy center
hii , i am shruti. i am aiso a new member of archnet. i hav also taken center for astronomy as my thesis topic. i too want references regarding the topic.please can anybody help?
Shruti Deshpande


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