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Who builds it?
Hello --

I am putting together a research project to learn about how people relate to their communities and to the built environment through the process of manual construction. I would like to visit places where people come together to build as a community, and where I may be able to learn different hand-building techniques by participating in community-led construction projects.

For example, Chile has the tradition of the minga, in which a community will gather to assist individual families in the construction of their home. Similarly, in Djenne, Mali, citizens gather once a year to re-plaster the Great Mosque, made of earth and palm.

Do you know of any other interesting building practices like this?

Thanks very much
Sarah Kantrowitz
Who builds it?
Hi Sarah,
Maybe you should take a look at Auroville community in India.
Ahmed Al Awamleh
Who builds it?
the auroville community is at pondichery in india.......and sustaining for life is easy ,particularly constuction/housing governing is self participative, yes, you should dwelve in for more nformation.
Dushyant Nathwani
Who builds it?
Hi Sarah,

The Amish used to participate in barn raising, where many members of the community would join together to put up a new barn for a family. They still do this, I believe, but it's rarer now than it used to be.

ArchNet Administrator
Who builds it?
Look at Hassan Fathy, Architecture for the Poor, he was an Egyptian architect who has reintroduced adobe based building and regional techniques to build beautiful houses and a community for people who otherwise would have only shacks to live in.
Jeannette Mullaart


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