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Health Architecture
Hi everyone
I have chosen to design related to health architecture for thesis, aiming to create a healing Environment
The influence of environment on mankind is known since Atharvaveda. Modern science accepts the influence of architecture on human health. The architectural settings/ambience has a psychological and social affect on human behavior . The local media states that the stresses aroused from environment affect their physical and psychological well being.
Various studies show the effect of sensual experience in the hospital directly affecting the patient�s psychological and physiological health. The visual and direct contact with nature, noisy environment, constrained views along with importance of social interaction; privacy and territorial demarcation in hospitals play an important role.
A visit to hospital, one�s mind is preoccupied with stresses. There is a need to relieve the user of stresses through the environment as a secondary medium after the medical treatment. Hospital being a public building must satisfy the need of various people by providing flexible structure which can afford to accommodate diversity of human behavioral demands. It also creates an easy sequence of movements for performance of various activities simultaneously.Hospital being a complex witnessing large movement of people, goods and activities, must optimize use of resources, consumption and dependence on artificial energy and management of waste.
I have to decide the design focus in terms of the faculty like general hospital etc.Can u suggest me the latest need/concept to decide the type of hospital.
Also any suggestions for designs based on similar concept which i can study
Haripriya Dalal
Health Architecture
hey people,
badly in need of help...looking forward for some guidance...
Haripriya Dalal


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