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Urban Regeneration (( Help ))
Dears ..
I prepare for my master thesis and i am interested in Sustainable Urban Regeneration , so I hope you can help me with my thesis by advices and references or e-books , or anything will be useful to me .
I hope you help me and i will be thankful ..
Ali Haddad
Urban Regeneration (( Help ))
Hi Ali,
I'm just a grad student so excuse the shallowness in my suggestion. I think any discussion of urban regeneration/renovation/renewal/revitalization requires a discussion of gentrification. I am curious if conservation and renovation of old quarters of cities (i.e. Cairo, Algiers) might render the same gentrifying effect that urban renovation creates in New York and London, for example. I'm curious if urban regeneration that produces gentrifying effects can really be considered sustainable regeneration? Just some thoughts!
Mohammad Ghazal
Urban Regeneration (( Help ))
Mohammad, An interesting thought, "gentrification" would appear to be a cyclical phenomena, in that as as an urban area decays the property values go down and so then ordinary people who are prepared to put in time and effort to reclaim such housing, then upgrade the housing in that area until such time as the property values become too high for ordinary people to sustain and then they move elsewhere.

Then these properties become vacant and have to be let at lower rents and slowly the landlords let the buildings decay through lack of maintenance and finally the buildings are such a poor state that the landlords are pleased to sell them off to ordinary people who are interested enough to put their time and effort into renovating the properties once again.

The idea that urban areas once built and then are forever sustainable is complete nonsense. For instance, if the water supply dries up, either water has to be piped in, or the people move to another place with water.
Frank John Snelling


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