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Hello everyone,
I am doing my thesis as- extension of the already existing Auroville Earth Institute.But there is no spark in my design, as in it is as good as a design problem. I want to design it as a normal institute with earthen construction techniques which will also be taught in that institute as one year courses. Please contribute as to some challenge that i can add and achieve at the end!!
Stuti Vij
spark in architecture is always brought in by element of surprise apropriate to site/subject and total design......think you shall be able to put that very much in your design.
Dushyant Nathwani
Auroville is not just a place. It's got an aura of its own. Just walk around in leisure and peace of mind (of course with a sketch book in hand to record things)and visit different buildings, know who, why and how has one done them. Every one have a story of their own and by the end of it for sure you will come up with one of your own. A little deep introspect will give you the solution. I know its not easy, but only truth is going to help.
Sriraj Gokarakonda
well try 2 analyse whole area as an individual and then try 2 analyse in terms of an architect.
when you will analyse the area as an individual then you can figure out various expectation, demand from design
when you will analyse as an architect you could regulate thse things and can add new things
Gaurav Aggarwal
thanks everyone.. i had been to auroville for my professional training.. have known the place quite well then .. but when i am designing for satprem , an earth institute, am movinonly with his ideas and am not able to take anything.. i mean theres nothing coming in my mind about the site which i can incorporate.. what i have lately thought is that since i want it to be cost effective i will merge the regional architecture of tamil nadu with earth architecture and satprem's design philosophy and design an institute.. but am sure am going wrong.. please help!!
Stuti Vij
my first ques. is whether the extension is needed? since you have been there, you would know wheter the institute is functioning properly or not? by doing extension how will it get benefitted? if there are possibilities that it gets benefitted, then go ahead and if not, think of doing it another region. such insitutes are needed in each zones of our country for people,students and architects all over the country. may be doing it another region say in guj or rajasthan, it will do wonders for promotion of mud as bldg material.
Meehaj Thakkar
the intention is to create an academic block there which will have one year diploma courses in earth architecture... for which it shud be functioning like a proper institute...
Stuti Vij
A STEP INTO (B-BAKER) B'SYNERGY'S IMPRESSIONS....this is my thesis consists o f SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE (UG,PG),memorial for laurie baker,centre for earthen architecture...hlp me to
do u have any case study report of Auroville Earth Institute please mail me
Mathi Vathani


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