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metaphysics of a city in space-time frame
i am doing my thesis on the non-physical forces applied on a city and how it leads to its deterioration. in specific i am talking bout the city of Karachi. i want to explore what dimensions in metaphysical referential frame act upon a city and how their transgression leads to the collapse of a city.the research includes the inter linkage of dimensions from 1-d to 2-d ,3-d and 4-d and what happens when one dimension falls into another.and later on i wnat to put the city's scenario in space-time frame and explore how the dimensions of a city act there, whether they act differently or how they correspond to dimensions of space-time. now i need some serious help in where to start from...should i start from micro a wall,a floor,a building .what should be the starting point?
Alhambra Khan
metaphysics of a city in space-time frame
clarify your question. that will be your starting point. its is confusing at the moment. do you want to explore non-physical forces effect physical or you want to explore physical forces which effect non physical. Clearify...!
Furqan Khatri
metaphysics of a city in space-time frame
Metaphysical forces cannot be 'applied' to a physical space; they are a result of the experiences of a physical space. The relationship between physical and non-physical entities is never causal but reciprocal, thus can even be interpreted as cyclical. You also make the prediction that such non-physical aspects lead to deterioration of the city - as if it's almost inevitable. I'm not sure if that's a valid claim to make without any evidence (as you are just starting this research)? Maybe your starting point should be to first define the multi-dimensional relationship between physical and metaphysical aspects of your unit of analysis (whatever that may be- a wall or the entire urban environment) and then venture further to examine how exactly that relationship manifests? Just a thought....! Good luck! :)
Nisha Fernando


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