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My Name Is Khan..What does the others expect to know about us ?
I was really impressed and influenced by the great movie My Name Is Khan..and I started to ask my self a question that had been enlighted during the movie scenes.

Now we have a chance to show the others our real beauty becuase they want to Listen, hear, ask and discuss, but what are we going to show them, or what are our plans ?

A bottom line, why do we always need others to say what we should say...why do we always wait for the actions to react...and why do we always waste chance and give them away by the wind..?
Mohammed Othman
My Name Is Khan..What does the others expect to know about us ?
dear Mohammed Othman
I think personnality and it's strenght improves how you can influence others .
so it's your beliefs and objectifs and love you have for people around you that makes more offecient in your society.
you don't always that people listen to you"you just have to speak louder"
thank you
Mohammed Lamine
My Name Is Khan..What does the others expect to know about us ?
Dear Mohammed Lamine..

thanx for ur nice response.
Actually I agree. but we had suffered from not showing up for decades, and suffered in the late present from being accused of spreading ignorance and viloance.

I wounder, when we can have a better chance like this when other are really in need to hear from u ?

If we dont have the ability to speak louder, yet wiser...and to gain the chance to reveal our bright insights, we might will lose the chance for other decades and decades...etc.

The pic I attached, shows one of the most wonderful islamic Architectural Icons, and hides lots of precious evedences...mixed with ups and downs, and shows how the curve slightly, with reasons, bends!

and now...what do we have, or what are our provisonal plans for another return ?

best of regards,
Mohammed Othman
Radio Presenter.Writer
Mohammed Othman


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