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Career Change
i have been working for about 3 years as an architect, but am not really satisfied with this career. maybe it is my current place of employment, but i am looking for a possible change to something outside of the field.

i enjoy some aspects of my job (working with clients, being creative, problem solving, project management), i am tired of feeling guilty for not being an architectural ego-maniac and i would like to have a life outside of my job!

i was hoping to something design-related, but not sure. Any ex-architects out there that have made a switch? any thoughts or recommendations? or if you have stuck with it, any advice on how to balance career? should i just find a new firm?
Ketan Kaul
Career Change

it sucks when you hit that point in your career doesn't it? I started my own interior design firm after receiving my Bachelor's degree, then continued studying to achieve my Master's. Right now I teach in an institute (department of Regional and Urban Planning) and still continue my practice as an architect/interior designer...the opportunity to design is an escape from all the "policy-making-education" at the institute. So, how about teaching for a change, or perhaps even try to establish your own firm?

Best of luck, mate!
Prananda Navitas


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