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Rat trap bound
Hi friends, i would like to construct a double story house at Kerala.As all of you know the climate condition, what will be yours opinion if i use for rat trap wall to reduce heat and hollow roof slab??
Shibu Mulangil
Rat trap bound
yes,shibu! your selection of rat- trap bond and hollow roof is fine becoz
1. rat trap bond are able to trap the air inside the cavity which is non conducting and don't transfer the heat from outside to inside and vice versa, 2.A nine inch wall in rat trap masonary has sufficient strength for upto thee stories provided it has olid bands at sill lintel and roof level and hollow roof also do this work perfectly.You might know this fact that AR.LORRIE BACKER also promoted these technologies.
Rajni Yadav
Rat trap bound
I thought the name of the person in India was Laurie Baker?
Frank John Snelling
Rat trap bound
Yes, the architect who defined the architecture of Kerala is LAURIE BAKER.
Rachita Bhonsle


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