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revit in profession
hi, me a architecture student...wat i observed is there is craze of revit in academics but is it really appreciated in firms in india or still there is prominence of autocad .....because revit is sometimes too rigid in terms of modelling ur way ....
Mahesh Zinzad
revit in profession
Mahesh, So what is "revit" please?
Frank John Snelling
revit in profession
Revit is BIM developed by Autodesk, but it is in transitional phase . So from time to time you have to switch over to autocad. as a new software it is famous in delhi but the restriction in detailing makes it nonusable for final working drawins.
Jatish Bag
revit in profession
'revit' is Autodesk Revit Architecture, a BIM (building information modelling) program. its a bit like modelling in aec in autocad, except in this u model all components of the building with inbuilt components like structural components, walls, windows etc that have their materials and properties attached. after modelling the program is then capable of doing anylsis such as structural strength, lighting and heat analysis and so forth because of the properties of the components. It can also generate 'finished' dimensioned plans, section, evelations, roof plans as opposed to drafting with lines in autocad.

Its a lot like archicad, except much more advanced in the analysis of buildings. it also has loads of components like landscape materials, people, cars, lighting fixture etc, and a built-in mental ray renderer for produces 3ds.
Augustine Owusu-Ansah
revit in profession
I started to learn this software but did not go too far. Jatish, could u please explain the restriction in detailing.

anyway I thought it was a very interesting program. I think it may not be appreciated in firms yet because it is a relatively new approach and like Jatish said, is still transitional. I think most people who use this are students.
Augustine Owusu-Ansah
revit in profession
BIM is More than the Modeling, Its about your thinking during design process or production and construction process.
I found very flexible modeling in this software.
I had workshop on BIM Last month, and i observe some student make difficulties who used to on CAD, and the student make it very easy those who don't know the CAD or MAX modeling.
Mahesh, it will rigid when you think digitally, but you will find very easy when you think as a Manual or in Real life.
Its very big critique in Academic that should use it or not?
I am gone through Manual sketching & drafting, also Drafting through CAD and now using BIM, But my conclusion is this..
"your good modeling is your Intuition inside your mind that you can express through your meaningful sketches".
Furqan Khatri
revit in profession
Thank you everyone for the various explanations of "revit".

However, what is "BIM"? "MAX modelling"? and "aec in autocad"?
Frank John Snelling
revit in profession
BIM (Building Information Modeling), So Revit Architecture is an Autodesk software, based in BIM. There are other BIM software called ArchiCAD, chief Architect, etc.
I use MAX for "3D Studio MAX". which is commonly use for 3d Modeling, this software is again by Autodesk.
AEC mean an collaborative Intelligent modeling between AEC "Architecture Engineering & Construction" in AutoCAD or other CAD applications.
Furqan Khatri
revit in profession
Furqan, Thank you for the information.
Frank John Snelling
revit in profession
Anyone who need to know more about Revit / Bim should go to the autodesk website and they will find all the necessary information, even classes that may be taken
Gene Hutchinson
revit in profession
I m right now undergoing internship in Delhi. What I have perceived by now is that Revit just adds another feather to your hat when you approach the firms for interview. Its not a VERY BIG deal, since most of the offices are being headed by elderly people, the likes of kukreja, satsangi, jaiswal, kamath, and so on, who are in the practice of having draftsmen in the offices. They are not that updated with the technical advaces, "Revit" in this case.
However, Autocad being a very old and popular software, is in every office.

When I had gone for interview to the "Kamath Design Studio", I heard its co-boss, Revathi Kamath asking another girl "what is this Revit stuff.....everyone just comes in and announces so proudly, I know revit"
well this instance may help u understand that Revit is immaterial if u are joining old established firms without new heads. But in new offices like "Morphogenesis" u are expected to know Revit.......
Rakesh Kumar
revit in profession
Gene H.
I saw an older post by you concerning BIM as a dissertation topic. Were you successful in this search?
Daniel Darrouzet
revit in profession
In our firm in Mumbai, we have ensured that all projects go on Revit. We practically don't use AutoCAD anymore, only to the limit of viewing the consultant's dwgs. Revit has brought our work to an altogether new level. If somebody is interested in knowing more, you can reach me directly.

@ Daniel, I have studied BIM and its impact to a great extent. Being an architect we can value what BIM and Integrated Practice can bring to the table.
Chirag Dedhia


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